⭐️Announcing Crazy Claw Event⭐️

Hey Chicks,

As you all know, winter is coming, and we at LoserChick decided to welcome it with an exciting and fun-to-play event called Crazy Claw event.

The crazy Claw event is simple; all you need is to collect as many eggs as possible to keep yourself warm and cozy during winters.

💡How to Participate:

It is simple. Any player who plays the new claw crane machine during the event will be considered a participant automatically.


1) At the end of the event, the top ten players who catch the most cEGG will win this event and get the rewards.

2) Normally, the amount of cCHICK that needs to be consumed during the 3 times playing each round will be 2, 5, 9, the power gap is 13, and you will have a chance to win 1, 3, 5 cEGG. But there will be around a 12% chance that the power gap is under 13.

3) There will be 1 happy hour every day during the event, which is 12:00 UTC-13:00 UTC. In this hour, the power gap is 15, which will produce a higher possibility than normal. But there will also be a 12% chance the power gap is under 15.

4) The number of cEGG you catch during the event needs to be more than 100 to be counted in the ranking.

5) The leaderboard will be updated every minute.

6) The rewards will be distributed within three days after the event ends.

⌚️Event Period:

The crazy Claw event will start on the 1200 PM UTC 2nd of November 2021 and end on the 1200 PM UTC 8th of November 2021.
11/2 1200 PM UTC — 11/8 1200 PM UTC

🎁Rewards Pool:

8000 $CHICK

💸Ranking & Reward:

The top ten players with the most number of cEGGs will win the event and will be rewarded with the following number of $CHICK tokens:

NO.1 — 2000 $CHICK
NO.2 — NO.4 1000 $CHICK
NO.5 — NO.10 500 $CHICK


  • Only the cEGGs clawed in the new claw crane machine are eligible for participation.
  • If different users claw the same amount of cEGG during the event, the ranking will depend on who achieves it first.
  • No assistant tools are allowed.

That’s all, fellas; We hope every one of you takes part in this event and collect the maximum number of cEGGs to win this event and keep yourself warm and cozy!

Good Luck, 🐓!

📩In case of queries, please get in touch with us at: larborchick@loserchick.fi.

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