Announcing the AmbassadorChicks of LoserChick

Hi Chicks,

Last week, we launched our AmbassadorChick Program and many of our community members submitted the form. Today we will announce the 3 ambassadors for the first batch.

They are Lucas, Антон, and KryptoNoob.

1) Lucas

Brief introduction

“ I’m an early player in the LoserChick project. I saw the project on Twitter and it had a very interesting concept of fair launch, which wasn’t as hot as it is now. But the project has been taking this very seriously from the beginning and it did, and the process was exciting and made me more interested in the project. During the follow-up process, I made some suggestions for the development of the project, and I’m glad that EmojiDao could listen and take them on board, which I think is one of the necessary qualities of a good project, at least in a community project.”

— — — — — — — — — — — — —by Lucus

Contributions to LoserChick Community in the Past

During the past days since LoserChick’s launch, Lucus is very active in helping the community in many aspects, they are mainly:

  • Answering players’ questions as volunteers.
  • Initiating various proposals that are beneficial to the development of the project via snapshot.
  • Producing tutorial videos and other content.
  • Collect feedback on some bugs that affect the game.

Will Contribute to These Aspects if Chosen to be an AmbassadorChick

  • Grow the community by attracting new users via activating the old fans.
  • Personalized and warm response to the community member’s questions.
  • Initiate joint events with other active communities.

2) Антон

Brief introduction

Антон followed the project from the very beginning and set up a Russian telegram group of LoserChick on July 23rd.

“The participants have a lot of ideas. But we would like to first get some kind of status. We do not need a salary, we are interested in the development of the game”

— — — — — — — — — — — —by Антон

Contributions to LoserChick Community in the Past

Антон and his Russian group are very active. And many of the Russian community members are helping to answer questions from newbies in the telegram group. Антон has especially devoted himself in :

  • Building and Growing the Russian community.
  • Helping new Russia community members onboarding the game.
  • Answering all players’ questions as volunteers in the official group.
  • Collecting the advice from the community members.

Will Contribute to These Aspects if Chosen to be an AmbassadorChick

All of the above and hope can develop the game together. Simple is that.

3) KryptoNoob

Brief introduction

Since its launch, KryptoNoob has dedicated his time and energy to the LoserChick community by engaging and helping other members.

“I found the whitelist for genesis mining by slump on Twitter, so I’ve been in loserchick from before the actual game started. I applied and got a spot. After that, I did some research, and it got me totally hooked. In my opinion, loserchick is a well-thought-through, sustainable GameFi protocol. And the best….it’s still a lot to come”

— — — — — — — — — — — — —by KryptoNoob

Contributions to LoserChick Community in the Past

  • Answering players’ questions.
  • Countered FUD.
  • Stated Facts and Figures.
  • Helped new players to join LoserChick.

Will Contribute to These Aspects if Chosen to be an AmbassadorChick

  • Engage and help Community members
  • Share my experience in Gaming, Finances, and marketing.
  • Attract new investors by stealth marketing and good Technical analysis
  • I can promise you that I will do my best to see this project succeed and thrive, as it’s both in my best interest and I wholeheartedly believe any long-term investor in loserchick will pay off with a very good ROI.

Congratulations to all the AmbassadorChicks above!Thanks for what you‘ve done for LoserChick and let’s grow together.

LoserChick is a web 3 gaming project consisting of claw crane, P2E, DeFi & NFTs. Get Started: