Become a chick and save the world

Stupid human being won’t find the truth of the world!

The truth is “being a chick”. Chick equals to the truth.

Like Donald Trumpchick, Satoshchick,Vitalichick and Elon Muschick,they are actually all chicks.

You truly believe you’re eating Colonel Sanders’ fried chicken in KFC? No, chicks are eating fried YOU, the stupid human being!

We are the slave. Believe it or not, please look the Chick farm!

In order to make KFC fried human meat fresher and tender, chicks provide better living conditions.

As well as to make human work more efficient, Chicks arrange various machines and equipments for human beings.

YES! It’s Chick that provides the most valuable energy for the human world — electricity!

This shocking secret was discovered by the saint Steve Jobchick. His company, named “Pix animation”, once produced the masterpiece called the “Monster Inc.”,in this story the power of the animal kingdom comes from the scream of human babies.

He almost leaked the truth! Fortunately,a loyal servant of chick used all kinds of resources in time to block the cartoon.

Because the true power all comes from chick’s scream, such as the lights, high speed rail, TV shows…

Even the electricity for BTC and ETH is charged by screaming.

Chick built their own hierarchy!

Trump Chick

Trump Chick: He once owned everything, standing on the peak of power and despising everything. But now, he doesn’t even have a twitter account, so he screams and shouts all the time . He can barely generate electricity even if he screams loudly and crazily.

Boss Chick

Boss Chick: He owns huge fortune but he can’t earn the recognition of labor chick which makes him feel disappointed. He always cannot suppress his feelings and scream to generate weak electricity.

Labor Chick

Labor Chick: He owns professional competence as well as a brilliant career. He works hard but can’t earn satisfying return. He can only express his dissatisfaction through occasional screams, so his power is not strong.

Lucky Chick

Lucky Chick: She was born without capability. In order to survive, she works in sex industry which is not her original intention. She can only express her dissatisfaction through scream and produce powerful electricity.

Shrieking Chick

Shrieking Chick: He owns nothing and loses his faith in life, drinking and screaming all day long. It’s his way to express his unsatisfaction of the world. In spite of this, he can generate the most powerful and purest electricity for this absurd world.

Become a chick and save the world!

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