EmojiDAO is hiring 🔍

EmojiDAO is hiring global talent

Our Vision

Empower the transition from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 gaming by building NFT and DeFi applications.

Our core belief is that blockchain is the most exciting industry around. There are unique problems to be solved and endless opportunities to innovate.

Who we are?

EmojiDAO’s mission is to bring blockchain gaming to the mainstream by developing products and services to revolutionize the play-to-earn gaming industry.

At EmojiDAO, we develop a blockchain-based fun play to earn games and services consisting of NFTs, Tokens, and NFT rental protocol, all in a Metaverse. We have come a long way around and have taken the course to change and revolutionize the gaming industry. Still, our fight for a permissionless and decentralized gaming world is not over.
This is where you come in!

What it’s like to work with us?

At Emoji DAO, you will have an opportunity to build state-of-the-art decentralized technology that will redefine the blockchain gaming industry. By joining forces at this early stage, you will make critical decisions that will shape the course of the blockchain gaming industry. You will be working with talented, attractive, ambitious, and humble people who are passionate about developing brand-new products from the ground up.

At EmojiDAO:

◾️ Think Precisely
◾️ Be Resourceful
◾️ Stay Determined
◾️ Dream Big
◾️ Remain Humble
◾️ Take ownership and Be Decisive

What do we offer?

● 100% remote or on-site (Depending on the nature of the job).
● Competitive contract-based compensation.
● Flexible working hours.
● Collaborative, transparent, and empowering work culture.
● Meaningful work on creating better technologies for a fairer future.
● Opportunity to work in a multinational, high-caliber team with diverse backgrounds.
● Learning possibilities (conferences, meetups, courses, etc.)
● Paid time off.
● Crypto Payment (USDC)

Are you interested in joining us? Fill the form below⬇️
▶️ https://forms.gle/NNuR5zUphodRxNtA9

📩In case of queries, please get in touch with us at: larborchick@loserchick.fi

🌟Connect with Us

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord | Reddit



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LoserChick is a web 3.0 gaming project consisting of claw crane, P2E, DeFi & NFTs 👾 Get Started: https://linktr.ee/LoserChick