Introducing the New ShriekingChick Generation Process

Per the community voting we had last week on the waiting time for minting, this week we will deploy a new minting contract, which will get rid of the chance of a soft fork and no need to wait 6 minutes each time we mint.

The new process of minting NFT is as follows:

1. Deposit your EGGs to EGG Bar
2. Wait for 118 blocks confirmation (about 6 minutes )
3. Mint and see the result almost simultaneously

After depositing EGGs into the EGG Bar (up to 1000 EGGs at a time), a random number will be requested from ChainLink VRF as a seed, and then a random number will be returned from ChainLink VRF after about 10 blocks. To prevent problems caused by soft forking, it is necessary to wait for a certain number of blocks again (currently 118) before the eggs can be cooked. A maximum of 10 EGGs can be cooked at a time.

Only when the EGG balance in the EGG Bar is 0, can EGG be deposited into the EGG Bar again. Each time when EGG is deposited into the EGG Bar, a new random number is generated as a random number seed via the ChainLink VRF. And then use the new random number to determine whether this EGG can mint an NFT and which NFT it can mint.

The New Process of Generating the ShriekingChick is as follows:

Each EGG for minting has a unique number during the ShriekingChick event. At the end of the event, a random EGG will be selected by ChainLink VRF, and the user who smashes this EGG will get the ShriekingChick. To avoid a soft fork of Polygon Network, the winner will be announced 10 minutes after the event.