LoserChick Weekly#2 | LoserChick Ranked NO.4 on Dapp.com Global On-Chain Game Hot List

3 min readAug 6, 2021


Dear community
It’s been another exciting week as we’ve shot up to NO.4 on Dapp.com Global On-Chain Game Hot List.

Come and see what happened this week!

📅Aug 1st,2021 — Aug 6th,2021

📖Weekly report quick overview:
1. Game Data: Players, TVL, CHICK, EGG, NFT.
2. Global hotness: Ranked NO.4 in the on-chain game hot list(Dapp.com).
3. Community Event: Master EGG Clawer.
4. Product Tech: online data center, update NFT Minting contract.

📈I. Game Data

Amount of Egg clawing participants : 7095
Amount of Egg clawed players : 6458
USDC TVL:$2592187
Amount of staked addresses: 2721

🔥Circulation and Burnt data:

👨‍🚒Amount of NFT Minted
Cumulative NFT minting is 172,628 times, with 104,802 NFTs minted.


🔥II. Global hotness

On August 3rd, 2021, Dapp.com data showed that LoserChick ranked NO.4 in the global on-chain game hotness.

📢III. Community Events

LoserChick Egg Clawing Master Event is going on, rewarding 5500$MATIC.
Event time: August 5th, 2021 12:00 (UTC) — August 8th, 2021 12:00 (UTC)

🔨IV. Product Tech

New features:

🏆Master EGG Clawer

📈Data Center
✅Optimize cCHICK exchange speed, delayed blocks decrease from 20 to 10.
✅Increase the game cache to reduce the game loading time.
✅Update the NFT minting contract, modify the minting method in the NFT minting contract, prohibit calling the NFT minting contract through the contract, only allow ordinary addresses to call the NFT minting contract.
✅Adding CHICK EGG exchange entrance to the exit pop-up window and adding cCHICK:cEGG exchange entrance.




LoserChick is a web 3.0 gaming project consisting of claw crane, P2E, DeFi & NFTs 👾 Get Started: https://linktr.ee/LoserChick