LoserChick Weekly#4 | The Roadmap is Officially Released!

Dear all

LoserChick Roadmap is officially released!

Since August 19th, Quickswap has launched EGG-QUICK LP and EGG-USDC LP mining incentives, and each mining pool will divide 4 $QUICK per day.

№5 MuskChick and №6 Retail investor Chick were born this week.

📅Time: Aug 14, 2021 — Aug 20, 2021

📖Weekly Overviews.

1.Game Data: The burned volume of CHICK and EGG has exceeded the circulating volume

2. Community event: LoserChick Community AMA

3. Official News: LoserChick Roadmap released

4. NFT voting: №5-№6 ShriekingChicks birth time

5. Product : NFT mint results display time adjustment, optimize the security of the game

📈I. Game Data.

Total Number of $EGG Clawing Users: 8975

Total Lock Volume: $2,287,202

NFT Stake Rate: 95.5%

Total Number of NFT Stakers: 3203

🔥CHICK & EGG Data.

👨‍Number of NFT Minting.

433,749 times of NFT Minting and produced 304,092 NFTs.


📢II. Community Events.

On August 19, 2021, Emoji DAO Member Shrug shared the design of the project in the community AMA in the LoserChick Telegram and answered the questions from community members.

🐥Ⅲ. Official News.

LoserChick Roadmap is officially released:

1. Realization of an open claw crane machine platform before Oct.

2.Synthesis of Trumps and Birth of MysteriousChick before Nov.

3.Release of at least two cross-chain versions before Nov.

4.Launch of the Monopoly game before January 2022.

🙋Ⅳ.NFT voting.

On August 16, LoserChick opened its 2-day community poll for users to vote on the birth time of №5-№6 ShriekingChicks.

Voting results:

№5 8/18 1200 PM UTC-8/19 1200 PM UTC

№6 8/19 1200 PM UTC-8/20 1200 PM UTC

🔨Ⅴ. Product / technology

1. Based on snapShot voting results, adjust the display time of NFT after boiled egg, wait for 128 blocks after chain confirmation before taking the chain results and display.

2. Adjust the game directional key movement speed, each game random speed 1–5.

3. reduce the default number of EGG in the crane machine from 20 to 15.

1. increase NFT monitoring, including NFT address and owner.

2. increase the chain CHICK, EGG, price and exchange rate fluctuations notification.

3. increase NFT Holders data analysis.

4. increase the game to determine the robot strategy.

LoserChick is a web 3 gaming project consisting of claw crane, P2E, DeFi & NFTs. Get Started: https://linktr.ee/LoserChick