LoserChick Weekly#7 | Lighting up the Chickverse together

Dear Chicks,

Have you seen our new friend? @Gaming__Chick

He looks mysterious and talkative, but I’m sure we can light up the map of Chickverse together.

📅 Time: Sep 4, 2021 — Sep 10, 2021

📖 Overview

1.Game Data : Players grow steadily

2. Community Engagement :

AmbassadorChicks for the first batch have been announced.

Mask-themed Chicks event launched successfully.

3. Product / Technology :

New function for the claw crane machine is under development

📈I. Game Data

Total Number of $EGG Clawing Users: 9648

Total Lock Volume: $2,373,125

NFT Stake Ratio: 95.68%

Total Number of NFT Stakers: 3679

Cumulative number of NFT minted: 563,526

Cumulative NFTs output: 355,548

Total NFT staked: 340,196

📢Ⅱ.Community Engagement

(1) Gaming Chick launched

Light up the map of Chickverse together.

(2) Ambassadors Announcement

LoserChick’s first Ambassador recruitment is over, and three community members from LoserChick have become Ambassadors: Lucas, Антон, and KryptoNoob, thank you for your continued contribution to the community.

(3) Mask-themed Chicks Launched

LoserChick and Mask Network have partnered to launch 150 Mask-themed Chicks, which were born on September 9 from 12:00 PM-2:00 PM (UTC) along with the 9th ShriekingChick (SisyphusChick).

🔨Ⅲ. Product / Technology

1. Mask-themed Chicks accessories online

2. GamingChick official website development

3. New function design and development for the claw crane machine

LoserChick is a web 3 gaming project consisting of claw crane, P2E, DeFi & NFTs. Get Started: https://linktr.ee/LoserChick