LoserChick whitelist of test network

The test network of LoserChick is coming soon!

As the world’s first “claw crane“ on-chain game, LoserChick has attracted the attention of many followers. With the long-term efforts of Emoji DAO members and community volunteers,LoserChick project has entered the final stage of preparation for the launch. Previously, LoserChick has reached cooperation with the audit company Certik and successfully completed the contract audit.

Here is LoserChick Rinkeby test network information, the announcement is as follows.

1. Test start time: July 2nd, 2021,8:00 (UTC)

2. The acquisition task of test whitelist :

- Follow LoserChick’s official twitter and retweet LoserChick pinned tweet.

- Join discord and leave your ETH address in the “fill-in-your-address” channel: https://discord.gg/kv3Fb236DV

- Fill in the form: https://forms.gle/d5SJGHAQ9ZECFjug8

We will randomly select 200 players to participate in this activity.

3. Test rewards.

(1) Players who participate in the full game test will receive the following rewards.

- Be listed in LoserChick genesis mining’s whitelist

- Get 10 DOGE rewards

(2) During the game test period, please offer your valuable suggestions about the game.

- All players who participate in the activity will share 1000 DOGE.

Constructive suggestions.

- NO.1: 500 DOGE

- NO.2: 300 DOGE

- NO.3: 100 DOGE

TIPS:Test participants addresses, test network guides will be announced later, please follow the twitter and discord information.